About S&B

S&B mines and processes bentonite, perlite, bauxite, zeolite, wollastonite and produces continuous casting fluxes and a variety of specialty products for a wide range of industrial applications and markets, thus contributing to our modern and sustainable life.

Our Purpose

We provide industrial solutions globally, by developing and transforming natural resources into value creating products

S&B utilizes the multiple properties of industrial minerals to offer a portfolio of customized solutions across a broad range of industry applications. Our product range, geographic dispersion in reserves and operations and our continuous efforts to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs, underpin S&B’s focus in pursuing sustainable, profitable growth. Industrial Minerals have always been at the center of our 79 year history, which has seen S&B grow into an international group of more than 40 companies with sales in 76 countries across the globe.

Our Vision

We grow by developing innovative industrial solutions that represent an important value-enhancing element of our customers’ products and production processes.

We strive to extend our customer base around the world developing a well-balanced international presence. In this pursuit, we take into consideration emerging global trends and product lifecycles.

We capitalize on the diversity of our global community of employees by fostering a collaborative, learning and innovative organization.

Each one of us takes pride and satisfaction out of our positive impact on all stakeholders, while we commit to constantly improve our sustainability practices across all operations.

Our efforts result in sustainable value growth, aiming to outperform our industry’s peers total return to shareholders.

At any point in time, our conduct attests that we live fully the values of Integrity, Respect for People, Safety, Customer Intimacy and Social Responsibility.

Our Values


We keep our promises

Respect for People

We foster the development of our people within a culture of mutual trust and respect


We secure safe working conditions and we all behave accordingly

Customer Intimacy

We strive to understand our customers’ needs contributing to their future aspirations

Social Responsibility

We contribute to economic development while sustaining our natural and social environment