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Our People

Being the key to S&B’s future, our people are firmly committed to pursue the vision of continuous dynamic growth through the core values of integrity, customer intimacy, respect for people, safety and social responsibility.

Our people strategy is founded on our Value of Respect to our people. People are the driving force of our business carving the path for sustainable growth within a culture of mutual trust and respect.

We aspire to be considered a “Great Place” to work in our sector and in the areas we operate, providing a fulfilling working environment. Through sustainable human resources practices we aim to develop our people to meet the challenges ahead and attain organizational excellence meeting or even exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.

As the company grows, we wish to embrace new colleagues who are determined to share our vision, shape our future, and live our values fully.

The people we seek to work with should possess high business acumen, strong interpersonal skills, as well as self-drive to meet challenging objectives and surpass standards of excellence…More »

Listen to our People

Dr Dieter Genske

Dr. Dieter Genske

Head of Research and Development Analytical Service, Marl Germany

The most important aspect of daily work is the health and safety in the laboratory and in the entire company.

The best thing about working in S&B is the international community with the chance to develop interpersonal skills and to challenge my creativity and my knowledge towards successful delivery of my daily work. I cherish the freedom to explore, create, and innovate. I value the diversity and open discussions with colleagues. I share my experience and knowledge with others to reach the common and my individual objectives.

One of the S&B values is “Respect for our People”. This is one of the things I appreciate most; the fact that employees’ well-being is always at the center of S&B operations and that it practices its own values fully in every aspect of the business.

B.GlackinBrian Glackin – Regional Mine Operations Manager, Americas

Joining S&B expanded my personal opportunities for professional growth in the mining industry. In the process I am empowered to develop and expand the opportunities for those around me.  This is exciting.  After all, mineral deposits have a fixed value, machines do what we instruct them to complete, but developing and empowering people around me to make thoughtful decisions daily enables S&B to obtain the best value from its precious mineral resources.

The S&B values of integrity, respect for people, safety, environment, social responsibility and customer intimacy are aligned with my personal value system. This energizes and enables me to truly perform in my position. I definitely recommend S&B as an employer of choice if one is looking for a challenging, dynamic and fulfilling working environment.

Dirk Pollman

Dirk Pollmann –  Controller  Northern EUROPE, Germany

I joined the Finance Department of S&B in Germany in September 2002. During these years I felt that performance is rewarded. Within S&B each employee is actively encouraged to innovate and suggest improvements—not just to their individual departments, but to the entire company.  This culture is unique, and it’s the reason we are able to address customer needs better than our competitors.

S&B invests in people by providing a safe work environment, training, great benefits and opportunities for advancement. S&B really lives its values.