S&B provides industrial solutions for the needs of its customers in four global industrial markets.

Within the construction market, S&B serves a large number of segments with solutions and products used in large infrastructure projects, in foundations and drilling, as well as in commercial and residential buildings.

Within the foundry market, S&B has a long tradition as a supplier of bentonite, coal and application technology to the green sand-moulding segment. From that base, a range of products and solutions have been developed for core-making and other casting processes.

S&B serves the metallurgy market along the whole metal production chain, from raw materials through to the casting of the final products. S&B products and solutions are used in the production of iron, steel, alumina and other metals.

Beyond the metallurgy, foundry and construction markets, S&B serves a wide range of specialties market applications, where minerals and mineral-based solutions are used to enhance production processes of its customers and increase end-product performance.